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Ed Linz discusses his latest book, “A Filthy Way to Die”

Ed Linz is the author of many books. His latest is "A Filthy Way to Die."Our guest today is Ed Linz, a writer, retired military officer, and author of five books. Today, he joins us to discuss his latest work, "A Filthy Way to Die" is the latest book by Ed Linz.“Filthy Way to Die: Collected Memories Of The Vietnam War.” As a retired Navy Commander, Linz offers a unique perspective on the Vietnam War, delving into its horror, brutality, chaos, and insanity. Through interviews with 61 U.S. Naval Academy Class of 1965 members who served during the conflict, he provides candid, first-hand accounts of American actions on the ground, in the air, on the rivers, and offshore.

These accounts depict Marines engaging in bloody battles for hills soon abandoned after capture, Naval aviators witnessing their wingmen being shot down on missions targeting seemingly meaningless objectives while Hanoi remained off-limits, “Brown Water Navy” sailors conducting ambushes and being ambushed, Swiftboats undertaking perilous operations on the rivers and canals of the Mekong Delta, firefights on gunboats during covert forays into Cambodia, clandestine assassination missions with the CIA, secret night operations into North Vietnam, offshore bombardments where targets may or may not be enemy, and various other aspects of this bloody and, in Linz’s view, preventable war.

Personal Life of Ed Linz

Ed Linz hails from a small farm in Kentucky. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1965, embarking on a 20-year career in submarines that culminated in an assignment as Commanding Officer of the USS KAMEHAMEHA (SSBN642), a nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine. Following his retirement from the Navy, he spent over 25 years teaching Physics and coaching cross country in public schools in Virginia. His educational background includes Master’s degrees from Christ Church College, Oxford University, in Economics, and George Mason University in Secondary Education.

Linz continues teaching Physics to homeschooled Virginia students and lecturing on the intersection of science and special education. He also offers presentations on organ donation, having received a life-saving heart transplant in 1994. He resides with his wife, Sharon, at a rural camp in NW, Maine, and spends winters in northern Virginia.

Other Books by Ed Linz

“A Filthy Way to Die” marks Linz’s fifth book. His previous works include “They Never Threw Anything Away: Memories of the Great Depression by Americans Who Lived It,” “Life Row: A Case Study in How a Family Can Survive a Medical Crisis,” “Team Teaching Science: Success for All Learners,” and a novel, “Hurtling to the Edge.” Outside of writing, Linz enjoys hiking, gardening, and kayaking. He is currently working on two non-fiction books: “Heart Transplant Hiker” and “Electrical Sudoku.”

Ed encourages you to contact him via email at edlinz@edlinz.com, on Facebook, or on Twitter @edlinz65. His columns and book information can be found at www.edlinz.com.

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