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Author, Patrick AsareToday, we have the pleasure of hosting Patrick Asare, the talented author of “The Boy from Boadua: One African’s Journey of Hunger and Sacrifice in Pursuit of a Dream.” Our focus for today’s show is to discuss his book which is, “the miraculous true story of [Patrick’s] quest for education.”Book, the Boy from Boadua by

Prepare to embark on an incredible journey through the pages of “The Boy from Boadua,” a gripping true story that transcends age barriers and imparts valuable lessons about the significance of education and the profound impact of social, cultural, and political influences on an individual’s life. This captivating narrative unfolds as Patrick takes us from his arduous days toiling in the unforgiving jungle, struggling to put food on the table, to his courageous voyage to a foreign land with no knowledge of its language. And there’s even more to explore – brace yourself for his encounters with the American school system, race relations, and a host of other eye-opening experiences.

Patrick’s storytelling prowess shines brightly as he skillfully weaves his personal journey with the invaluable wisdom he gained along the way. Prepare to be inspired, provoked to thought, and thoroughly engrossed by this thought-provoking and compelling masterpiece. “The Boy from Boadua” serves as a beacon of hope and resilience, reminding us all of the unyielding power of education in shaping our destinies.

For more information and to buy his book visit patrickasareauthor.com.

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