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Larry and Jean JohnsonToday’s guests are missionaries Larry and Jean Johnson, and we will discuss their memoir “.” In the book, they discuss how God uses ordinary people for His extraordinary purposes.  “Only God,” is written by a couple from the cornfields of Iowa, called to the world’s harvest fields. If you knew only one person where you were going, would you still trust God and go? When Larry and Jean Johnson answered the call to serve God on the foreign mission field, they had no idea what God had in store. But they did know one thing: they would go.

Only God is a collection of stories about God’s extraordinary intervention and divine work through the lives of two ordinary people. Larry and Jean grew up in Iowa, married right out of high school, and each pursued their respective “dream” jobs: farming and nursing. When they separately heard “the call” to worldwide missions, they thought it was farfetched until they couldn’t ignore God’s summons anymore.

They believe in these unprecedented times of confusion and conflict that, people need encouragement and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In their thirty years of ministry, the Johnsons have never lacked. Even though they have been “down to the wire” sometimes, only God helped them back up. If you’re feeling the pressures of financial lack, personal despair, or insurmountable fear, abundant hope remains because God is always faithful. You can trust Him for everything. Only God pours out the blessings of your listening and obeying that still, small voice.

The authors believe your story is unique, and their prayer is that you will be encouraged, motivated, and even smile through the heartache through reading their stories of how God has provided for them. The Johnsons’ number one goal is to “bring glory to God for His goodness!” From the corn fields of Iowa to the harvest fields of the world, Only God is a collection of stories about God’s intervention and divine work in the lives of Larry and Jean Johnson. More importantly, it’s about learning how to hear God’s voice and watching Him perform extraordinary miracles. For more information, visit their website at www.larryandjeanjohnson.xyz.

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