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Dr. Susan M. KingThe first guest today is Susan M. King, M.D., F.A.C.S, she is in the private practice of Otology and Neurotology at the Ear Medical Group. Today she will discuss the clinical trials underway where patients can receive a potential new therapy that could actually reverse hearing loss. Recruitment for this clinical trial is underway in more than 25 states. Doctors are eager to enroll even more people to help advance this new technology, with the hope of one day improving the standard of care for millions of people with hearing loss. In Cincinnati, Ohio the clinical trial will be held at the University of Cincinnati at 231 Albert Sabin Way. For More Information go to Clara Health Hearing Studies

Dr. King is a member of numerous professional societies, including the American Academy of Otolaryngology, and is a Clinical Professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center, contributing to the training of surgical residents. Dr. King is currently serving on the Board of Directors for Sunshine Cottage School for the Deaf and is serving on the Women in Medicine Committee of the Bexar County Medical Society. Dr. King’s practice focuses on disorders of the ear and related structures, particularly disorders of hearing and balance. She surgically treats tumors of the temporal bone, cranial nerves, and the base of the skull. Dr. King is currently serving on the Board of Directors for Sunshine Cottage School for the Deaf and is serving on the Women in Medicine Committee of the Bexar County Medical Society. Remember for more information go to Clara Health Hearing Studies

Chef Christine Ha in her kitchenChef Christine Ha was the first blind contestant on Master Chef and won the show’s third season. She is also a renowned restaurateur, entrepreneur, and author. Christine was born an only child in Los Angeles to parents who emigrated from Saigon, following the Vietnam War. In 2003 at 23 years old, she was diagnosed with Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder (NMOSD), an unpredictable autoimmune disease caused by inflammation in the central nervous system (the optic nerve, brain stem, and spinal cord), and began losing her vision.

Chef Christine Ha Cookbook-Recipes from my Home KitchenBy 2007, she was almost completely blind. Christine has also authored a New York Times best-selling cookbook, Recipes from My Home Kitchen, opened two restaurants in Houston, hosted a cooking show for the visually impaired, served as a culinary envoy on behalf of the American Embassy, and travels the world giving TEDx Talks.  For more information on Chef Christine Ha go to her website at The Blind Cook.

Dr. Mitzi Joi WilliamsJoining Chef Christine today to talk about NMOSD is Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams a board-certified neurologist, fellowship-trained multiple sclerosis (MS) specialist, author, international speaker, MS expert, and researcher who is passionate about supporting those affected by neurologic autoimmune disorders. She is also the Founder and CEO of Joi Life Wellness Group Multiple Sclerosis Center™️, where she provides specialized MS care.

Dr. Mitzi received her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology from Emory University and received her Doctor of Medicine Degree from Morehouse School of Medicine. She completed her Internal Medicine Internship, Neurology Residency, and Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship at Georgia Health Sciences University (formerly MCG), where she received numerous awards and served as Chief Resident of the Neurology Residency Program. For more information go to Joi Life Wellness.

Dr. Neal BarnardOur last guest today is Neal Barnard, MD, FACC; Adjunct Professor of Medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C.; President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Today Dr. Barnard talks about Type 2 diabetes and why it is more common than ever and can lead to serious health complications. But research by Dr. Neal Barnard shows that simple food changes can reduce the need for medications and sometimes make all signs of diabetes disappear.

Dr. Barnard shows how to put those findings to work inYour body in balance his new book Your Body in Balance: The New Science of Food, Hormones, and Health. In this book, he shares the science of how foods can control not just insulin, but other hormones, too. That gives us new power over a broad range of conditions, including weight gain, infertility, menopausal symptoms, thyroid problems, and many others. For more information go to Your Body in Balance

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