WELP Radio Greenville, SC 1360AM & 104.3FM 6/24/2021 7:30 PM ET

Jamie Seavello, USPS Manager of Employee Safety & Health Awareness, is our first guest today, she will give tips on preventing dog bites and offer help to educate the public on the dos and don’ts of responsible dog ownership so letter carriers can safely approach their residence or business. As the U.S. Postal Service’s acting Manager of Employee Safety & Health Awareness, Jamie Seavello is responsible for developing and implementing nationwide safety and health awareness programs on a variety of important safety topics, such as preventing dog bites. While dogs are typically referred to as ‘man’s best friend,’ folklore suggests that dogs and letter carriers have a love-hate relationship. In fact, the Postal Service™ reports that their letter carriers have fallen victim to dog bites more than 5,800 times in 2020 while trying to deliver the mail. To spread the word on social media, use the hashtag #dogbiteawareness

Andrew TestaOur second guest is Andrew Testa Expert in 5G from Verizon. 5G is changing how consumers live, work and play and with so much excitement growing around the technology, 5G phones, and gaming, it’s creating a hiring frenzy. Andrew Testa is Verizon’s resident 5G expert and he is here to share more about the surge in demand and what it means for consumers, as well as what Verizon is doing to meet the increase in-store traffic.

Dr. Neil SkolnikOur last guest is Dr. Neil Skolnik, Professor of Family and Community Medicine at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University he will talk about the Risk Factors, Diagnosis, and a New Way to Treat CKD. Dr. asks the question could you be part of the 37 million? That’s approximately how many Americans are affected by Chronic Kidney Disease or CKD, and the vast majority don’t even know it.


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