WELP Radio Greenville, SC 1360AM & 104.3FM 7/22/2021 7:30 PM ET

Our guest is Kevin L. Schewe, Author of the Bad Love Gang Series, he joins us today to share his newest book in the series Bad Love Medicine, one of the Top Science Fiction adventures of 2021. The book begins with the Teenage Time Travelers now back from their mission as the Bad Love Beyond,(the third book in the series).

In Bad Love Medicine the Gang is back from their mission to save the Republic of Azur from volcanic destruction. In Bad Love Beyond, the Bad Love Gang are knighted in a royal ceremony and celebration for the ages at the Queen’s Palace on Planet Azur. Blue Nova One gives Bubble Butt the cure for Hannah Lieb’s breast cancer and a secretive rescue device. -The Bad Love Gang returns to Earth to deal with the KGB and plan their time-travel trip back to World War II Europe to find Hannah Lieb. Adolf Hitler’s darkest secret is about to cross paths with the time-traveling Bad Love Gang on their quest to save the life of one of their members from a fate of terminal breast cancer.

One of the Best reads of 2021 and you will want to read the whole series! I did and love every book. For information on Kevin Schewe and his books go to his website at :https://kevinschewe.com/

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