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Michael Letts Discusses the Debate and Other Political Commentary

Michael LettsMichael Letts is our first guest and expert in political and current events. Michael discusses the Debate between President Biden and Former President Trump. He describes the positives and negatives of the ninety-minute debate and expresses his opinion of President Biden and President Trump’s performance. He also talks about why so many people want the current President to bow out of the race and why he believes that President Biden does not want to give up the Presidency now. Michael continues with his assessment of the New York Trial and what he thinks will be the outcome in this case.  Michael will also discuss other current events, so tune in and learn the latest.

IN-VEST USA | "Protect those who protect us"Under Michael’s leadership, In-Vest USA has saved countless officers and first responders from danger by providing free bulletproof vests and equipment to communities across America. With over 30 years of experience in law enforcement, Michael’s dedication to public safety has made a significant impact through In-Vest USA, a national grassroots non-profit organization committed to ensuring police forces are well-equipped and protected. To learn more about Michael Letts and his remarkable work, please visit his official website at www.investusa.org.

Michael Kelley Discusses his Book, “Juno’s Song”

Author, Michael KelleyOur last guest is Author Michael Kelley; today, he discusses Juno’s Song, the last in the series. In “Juno’s Song, the author asks: What does it mean to be authentically human.” What does it truly mean to be human in a world of ever-evolving technology? What does it mean to love?Juno's Song by Michael Kelley.jpg

After the events of the previous two books, protagonist Sean Byron McQueen finds himself living off the grid, awaiting the imminent arrival of alien beings. His wife, M, has been missing for nine years and presumed dead, and he is haunted by the “curse” that her captors put on him: a promise of a torturous death. When Sean discovers M may still be alive, he sets out to find the truth, facing old friends and foes.

Meanwhile, he grapples with feelings toward his fellow author and best friend, Molly Quinn, and seeks the truth of what it means to be human alongside his spiritual master, Juno. A war between humans and aliens looms before him, and everything collides in this phenomenal conclusion of the trilogy.

Michael Kelley is a former lawyer who, before pursuing his passion for writing, built an international business on Wall Street before founding his own investment management firm. His love of literature and creative writing began at the University of Pennsylvania. Michael currently lives in New York with his wife and daughter. After years of leading a busy life in the city, he now spends most of his time in the peaceful woods of Duchess County, where he enjoys meditation, yoga, wine, reading, and hiking, all of which inspire his writing. For more information, visit his website, michaelkelleyauthor.com. The book is also available on Amazon.

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