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Author and Illustrator Tina Neely, Discusses Her New Book, “Bacon Loves Everyone”

Tina Neely, author of "Bacon Loves Everyone!"My first guest today is Tina Neely, first-time author and Illustrator of her new book, “Bacon, Loves Everyone.” This children’s book features Neely’s real-life 350-pound Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. “"Bacon Loves Everyone!" by author, Tina NeelyBacon Loves Everyone” is a delightful Christian children’s book about Bacon-Bits, a flea market piglet, and his quest for a forever family. Neely, as the author and illustrator, brings a tale that’s a heartwarming blend of faith, love, and belonging. The story came about as Neely wanted a pet pig since she was a little girl growing up in Cincinnati; of course, she still had to persuade her husband, Joe, but she says he was convinced when she said, “The grandchildren will love it.”

Years later, Bacon Bit would inspire a message for children of all ages that God loves them, the most powerful message of faith. Tina didn’t expect to become an author and book illustrator. She worked as a sous-chef when she unexpectedly lost her job due to a Covid-required shutdown. As she sat in her backyard trying to write out a plan of what to do next, Bacon Bit demanded her attention, and soon, she says, the stories about him started coming, “story after story came out of nowhere with the same message: you are loved.” “I genuinely believe this is God-driven, “Neely said, “and I hope you will want to come along and see where the Lord is leading me to serve Him and share in the new incredible opportunity. Bacon Loves Everyone is the first in the series its more than a story it’s a journey that teaches kindness and compassion.  For more information visit her website, tinaneely.com.

Autumn Caviness: the Reach & Impact of Career and College Search Tools

Autumn Caviness, Director, RealTalk, BigFuture, and the College BoardOur second guest on “Lets Just Talk,” is Autumn Caviness, Director, RealTalk, BigFuture, College Board. Autumn will share Information about the Reach and Impact of Career and College Search Tools that Help Students Prepare for Their Futures. Can you Imagine how overwhelming it can feel for students to figure out what comes next after high school? Every student should be able to access the tools and resources they need to unlock their future. That’s where BigFuture comes in. BigFuture provides free college and career tools to help students choose the best option for them. Students want to pursue opportunities after high school that will lead to a fulfilling career, but their options for “what’s next” are often limited to careers they’ve been exposed to in their family, community, or in school. At a time when 57% of high school graduates are starting in a two-year degree and training program, or joining the workforce directly, rather than enrolling in four-year programs, only 20% of students have heard a lot about non-4-year options.

The best way to help all students find and select the best pathway for them is to allow them to explore all their options in one place. BigFuture allows for easier navigation through all options available to students, including but not limited to four-year degrees. Students can explore careers, plan for college, and pay for college with actionable tools that are personalized to them. With the new FAFSA having opened in December, students and families have more questions about financial aid. Every student is unique and so is their path to future success. When students know about the range of postsecondary pathways available, they can better understand how those align with their goals, interests, and academic achievements, and make the best decision for their future. We want to help students and families see career success as the destination and education as the pathway to achieve it. For more information go to, bigfuture.collegeboard.org.

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