WNWR The Word 1540AM Philadelphia 7-15-2023

Bradley Mattes of the Life Institute.Today we have a special guest joining us. Bradley Mattes, the Life Issues Institute’s president, will share his insights on pro-life education. Life Issues Institute, founded in 1991 by pro-life pioneer Dr. John C. Willke and Brad, is a grassroots organization that aims to develop and distribute effective pro-life educational material on a global scale.

Bradley Mattes brings a wealth of experience to the table. For eight seasons, he served as the host and executive producer of the highly acclaimed TV program, “Facing Life Head-On.” This weekly pro-life show reached over 100 million households in the United States and Canada. It received three Regional Emmy® awards and garnered recognition from the industry. Although production ceased in 2015, the program left a lasting impact.

In addition to his television work, Brad hosts “Life Issues,” a daily radio commentary that delves into abortion and other life issues. This program reaches over 1,300 radio outlets across the United States and received the prestigious 2016 Radio Impact Award from the National Religious Broadcasters.

Bradley Mattes is not only active in the United States but also on the international stage. As president of the International Right to Life Federation, he engages in frequent speaking engagements and lectures worldwide, addressing abortion and related life issues. He collaborates with other countries to establish pro-life educational and counseling initiatives.

Furthermore, Brad serves as the board of directors chairman for the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network. Through this role, he focuses on protecting vulnerable individuals and raising awareness about end-of-life issues.

Bradley Mattes has conducted extensive anecdotal research on the impact of abortion on men. His writings on this topic have been published in various US and international publications. With a master’s degree in Biblical Studies and Biblical Counseling from the Master’s International University of Divinity, he has developed undergraduate and post-graduate courses specifically addressing the subject of men and abortion.

With over 46 years of experience in education, politics, and humanitarian efforts within the pro-life movement, Brad brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our discussion today. For more information about Bradley Mattes and the work of the Life Issues Institute, please visit their website at lifeissues.org.

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