WNWR The Word 1540AM Philadelphia 8-12-2023

Carolyn SnellingWelcome to a captivating episode of “Let’s Just Talk,” where we dive deep into the realities of life, love, and relationships. Today, we are honored to have two remarkable individuals join us: Carolyn Snelling and Tiarra Tompkins. Together, they bring us an enlightening conversation about their latest book, a true guide to navigating the complexities of love and marriage, titled “God's Grace & Grit Book CoverGod’s Grace and Grit: Surviving Your Fairytale.”

Let’s meet our incredible guests:

Carolyn Snelling is a distinguished Colorado Theological Seminary graduate with a Doctorate in Biblical Studies. Her dedication to glorifying God and guiding others towards His Truth is evident in her many acclaimed works, including “The GOLF (God Our Loving Father) series,” “Christ’s Cake,” and “The Mystery of the Christmas Stars.” A devoted servant at Radiant Church Surprise in Arizona, Carolyn’s journey as a supportive wife to a husband battling Parkinson’s led her to craft this essential survival guide for women everywhere. Join us as she shares her wisdom and experience.

Tiarra TompkinsTiarra Tompkins, known as The Legacy Architect, brings a wealth of literary expertise to the conversation. With a background spanning over 15 years in the writing industry, Tiarra now focuses her energy on serving faith-based authors across genres, with an unyielding commitment to creating legacies that transcend time. As an advocate for those facing financial struggles, addiction, and homelessness through her role at Bring The Light Ministries, Tiarra embodies the principle of legacy through service. She’ll enlighten us on her journey and the powerful impact of seeing oneself through God’s eyes.

Join us on this enlightening episode of “Let’s Just Talk” as we unravel the truths behind love, relationships, and the journey to a truly fulfilling “happily ever after.” Whether you’re seeking guidance, inspiration, or simply a refreshing perspective, Carolyn Snelling and Tiarra Tompkins are here to empower you. For more information and to dive into the world of “God’s Grace and Grit: Surviving Your Fairytale,” visit their website at godsgraceandgrit.com.

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