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Our Special Guest is Nina May Founder and Chairman of the Renaissance Women

Nina May, Founder and Chairman of the Renaissance WomenWelcome to “Let’s Just Talk” with Kathryn Raaker!  Today, we have a fascinating guest with us – Nina May, the Founder and Chairman of Renaissance Women, an educational non-profit foundation that offers international production training programs and incredible internship opportunities within the media industry.

Our conversation today will revolve around Nina’s latest venture, “Daily Bread,” a faith-based, post-apocalyptic TV series that’s bound to keep you on the edge of your seat. In this gripping story, an ensemble cast finds themselves marooned on a farm with only guns and food to rely on, following a global blackout triggered by a solar flare. The resulting chaos and disasters push them to the brink as they struggle to balance survival and pursue a new civilization in a world plunged into darkness. Daily Bread, a faith based, post-apocalyptic TV series

“The Foodies,” as they’re affectionately known, must confront not only external threats but also their inner fears in their quest to rebuild society in this turbulent new reality. For an exclusive look at this exciting project, you can check out the trailer here: Link to “Daily Bread” Trailer

Nina May’s creative talents extend far beyond “Daily Bread.” She has an impressive track record as a writer, producer, and director. Her work includes the award-winning family-friendly dramedy “Life Fine Tuned,” which clinched the International Family Film Festival in Hollywood in 2012, along with more than 14 other accolades.

Nina also contributed as an Associate Producer to “Beyond the Mask” and crafted two remarkable shorts, “Marked” and “Sweet Victory,” both selected for the prestigious 168 Film Festival.

In the realm of documentary filmmaking, Nina produced, directed, wrote, and edited the critically acclaimed “Emancipation Revelation Revolution,” delving into the history of the civil rights movement in America and the roles played by both political parties. This documentary triumphed at the Noir Film Festival in San Diego and graced the screens at the Liberty Film Festival in Hollywood.

Continuing her impactful work, Nina ventured into the sequel, “Reparations: Who Should Pay?”Nina’s impressive contributions don’t stop there. She produced and hosted “An American Renaissance” T.V. show and penned and produced daily radio commentaries that reached 1800 stations nationwide. Additionally, her extensive portfolio boasts numerous documentaries covering a diverse range of subjects.

In her capacity as Chairman of the Renaissance Foundation, Nina has made her mark on the world stage, testifying before the United Nations General Assembly and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on various critical issues. She has also fostered international relationships, establishing exchange programs for students and leaders, working with several countries. For a deeper dive into Nina May’s remarkable work and her commitment to making a positive impact, visit her website: Renaissance Women Productions 

Join us as we delve into Nina’s incredible journey and her dedication to using the power of media to enlighten and inspire.

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