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Kathryn Interviews author Cindy Schmidler

Our guest today is Cindy Schmidler a mentor, counselor, teacher, author, and leader of women in all spheres of influence. She’s a strong, motivational speaker of true hopefulness in every circumstance. Today Cindy will discuss her first book,”Tragedy Turned Upside downTradgedy Turned Upside Down.” The book is written for anyone who is going through dark times or is trying to make sense of tragedy in its aftermath. There’s so much hope and help in that book because God brought it to Cindy during the darkness, and she shares it so that you can have the inspiration needed to keep moving forward in those days when you need it most.

A couple of her favorite books are the ones she hasn’t sent to the publisher yet. Join Cindy’s author updates email list to get some encouragement, stay in the loop on free resources she offers, and hear about new books when they go to print. If you want to know who she is though, it’s not about the writer’s byline. Cindy lives in South Florida where tennis and pickle ball are her favorite things to do. Her husband is her very best friend, and she has a brilliant son who’s living life fully on the west coast. She also has a super-smart, dapple wiener dog, Willy, who is a rock star everywhere he goes.

Just tune in and spend time with Willie and Cindy on her YouTube Channel, where she shares encouragement for your life and spiritual fuel for your journey. Most importantly though, Cindy wants you to know she cares about what you’re going through. So many shoulders held her up during her most difficult challenges. If you need someone, she hopes you’ll reach out to her. Even if she can’t be physically present with you, she will pray for you and share in some of your journey with you. For more information on Cindy and her new book you can go to her website cindyschmidler.com.

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