Fairfax Radio Channel 36 4/28/2020

Our first guest is Chris DeRose a forty-year veteran of the animal rights movement and as such, is one of the movement’s founders. He founded Last Chance for Animals in 1984 after a chance encounter with a stray dog sparked a realization that animals have feelings and must be respected as God’s creatures.

Chris left a promising career as an actor to start Last Chance for Animals and quickly gained notoriety for raiding animal testing labs to free animals.Today, the laws have changed and his activism is confined to advocacy,awareness, undercover investigations and fighting unlawful legislation that protects those who would abuse animals. For more information on Last Chance for Animals go to their website at https://www.lcanimal.org/


Our next guest is Michael Biltz, Managing Director, Accenture Technology Vision discusses insights from the Accenture Technology Vision 2020, which is based on a survey of more than 6,000 business executives and 2,000 consumers. He can share the key tech trends that will impact businesses over the next three years and speak about how companies should prepare to capitalize on the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Mr. Blitz is the managing director with Accenture, leading the company’s Technology Vision R&D group responsible for developing the annual vision report. Through Accenture’s Technology Vision, Michael defines Accenture’s perspective on the future of technology beyond the current conversations to focus on how technology will impact the way we work and live. The Technology Vision is used externally to help Accenture’s clients filter through the changes in the technology marketplace to understand which technologies will have the greatest impact on them over the next three years. Internally, Accenture uses it to guide research, development & investments.  For more information go to www.accenture.com