WVRF in Philadelphia 10/18/2021 11:15 AM

FIONA AND BAILEYOur guests today are Bailey and her daughter Fiona, today they will tell their story about what Fiona has endured for the last three months in the school district in Palm Beach County, Florida. She has been suspended from school numerous times for not wearing a mask in a state that masks are not mandatory. She is a top student at 8 years old a brave little girl.

No Mask SymbolBailey is a Florida native, residing in Palm Beach County where she lives with her husband, stepson, and 2 daughters.  Bailey is a former Olympic-level athlete trying out for the women’s ice hockey team in 2000 where the team went on to win silver in 2002, a bone marrow donor and advocate for be the match while also being trained in Emergency medicine.  She followed her passion 7 years ago and is now a full-time professional photographer specializing in children and family portraits while also turning out amazing headshots and event photography her passion remains with photographing children.  Owning her own business gives her the flexibility to be a coach on the baseball field teaching baseball to 4-6-year-olds as well as a room mom, active within the school volunteering as a member of the PTA where her daughter Fiona attends.  She is also the proud mother of one of the bravest and courageous 8 yr olds you will meet.  Her daughter Fiona is currently standing up for not only her own rights as a child but the rights of children everywhere by taking on and disobeying the mandate issued by the Palm Beach County school district that violates Florida law requiring children to be masked in the classroom without the option of parental opt-out.

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