WVRF Radio in Phildelphia 3/8/2021

Our first guest today is Chris Wong, Senior Vice President of Consumer Savings at Bank of America, he will share tips on how to make saving simple so you can reach your financial goals. Did you know Forty-three percent of Americans said they were unable to save as much as they wanted in 2020, according to a Bank of America survey? With a new year underway and 38% of Americans aiming to save more in 2021, Bank of America is encouraging everyone to review their savings strategies in 2021.

Chris Wong is the Consumer Savings Executive in the Consumer and Small Business Products group at Bank of America. His responsibilities include growing and managing Bank of America’s portfolio of Savings products. He and his team develop strategies to ensure consumer savings products and services meet the financial needs of our clients. For more information, please visit: https://bettermoneyhabits.bankofamerica.com/

Dr. Andrew Shao, who has spent nearly two decades in the global nutrition industry, and holds a doctorate in nutritional biochemistry and master’s in human nutrition science, both from Tufts University, and fitness expert Jen Cohen, host of “Habits & Hustle” podcast, fitness authority, best-selling author, and Forbes columnist, and CEO Suprema, about vital steps we can be taking in our everyday lives to help stay heart healthy.  Jennifer Cohen, best-selling author, international speaker, and health and fitness guru. For more information go to https://jennifercohen.com/

Our next guest is Dr. Huma Haider will discuss Brain Injury and she knows firsthand how devastating this can be. She lost her husband to a TBI and has devoted her life to the study of traumatic brain injuries. She will discuss the revolution in the diagnosis and treatment of TBI. She will also share her personal story, why she founded the National Brain Injury Institute, and the innovative techniques used to diagnose and treat patients. Raised in Pakistan, the single mother of two children, Huma left everything behind and moved to Chicago to complete her medical training. Her medical career led her to Houston where she founded the National Brain Injury Institute. She is pioneering a technique and protocol to activate a 20-year-old imaging technology called Diffusion Tensor Imaging.  Now serving patients in all 50 US states, Dr. Huma Haider is a rare gem.  She’s someone who genuinely cares for people who are suffering from this terrible injury. For more information, please visit, and click PRESS ROOM: https://www.nationalbii.com/

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