WVRF Radio /Philadelphia, PA 11:15 AM ET 5/18/2020

Stacia Wagner is the President of Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation. She has been working in the childhood cancer/brain tumor world for over 25 years.

She was inspired in part by her cancer diagnosis in college and the lack of support and information available to her during and after treatment. As treatments improved for childhood brain tumors, she began with CBTF to develop a Survivorship Program. Under her leadership, CBTF is now the nation’s leader in quality of life programming for families impacted by childhood brain tumors. Her goal at CBTF is to assure no family goes through the brain tumor journey alone while we work to find a cure and improve treatment. CBTF is the founder of the Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Network (CBTN). CBTF is a collaboration between 18 worldwide institutions that provide free and open access data to find a cure for childhood cancer.

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