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Our guest today is Dr. Ron Bracy and today, we are going to discuss a question which many people have—how do we cope with the tough stuff –tragedy, violence, loss, which we experience? Can the Bible really offer us comfort and answers?  Dr. Bracy is here to discuss what he experienced in his own life and through his own study.  An Air Force veteran, Bible teacher and most of all, a father who lost his son in a military mission, Dr. Bracy has faced dark days and explains how he found his way to peace and how you can, too, in his book Walk On: From the Valley of Despair to the Mountaintop of Praise.

Dr. Bracy has held dual service careers, first serving our nation in a distinguished military career, and then serving as a pastor, chaplain, and Bible teacher. His military service included both flying 183 combat missions in the Vietnam War and later helping to save others while on duty at the Pentagon on 9/11. In this, Dr. Ron Bracy has seen firsthand the evil and tragedy that exist in the world.

But, it is his unwelcomed qualification as a father of an Air Force pilot sacrificed in service to our nation which gives him his greatest authority as someone qualified to teach us about the hard truths of life.  Using the Old Testament book of Habakkuk, Dr. Bracy has written a powerful book, Walk On: From the Valley of Despair to the Mountaintop of Praise. His book is filled with many lessons which teach us how to respond to the pain and suffering, evils and injustices we experience in our world.  For more information visit Walk On

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