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Our first guest is First Lieutenant Amber English, she is a role model for the International Day of the Girl is on Sunday, October 11. It is an important reminder that girls of all ages need positive role models who can inspire them to achieve their goals and dreams. One place to find some extraordinary female role models is the U.S. Army, where women are serving in every career field, including helicopter pilots, engineers, intelligence experts, sharpshooters, and beyond.  First Lieutenant Amber English, Logistics Officer, and Member of the Army World Class Athlete Program will discuss her own unique way to success in the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit Team Member, and 2021 Olympian in Skeet Shooting.  For more information on www.goarmy.com

Dr. Lisa Kearney, Acting Director of Veteran’s Crisis Line and Deputy Director of VA Suicide Prevention Program. Dr. Kearney will be talking about one of the most important resources offered by VA is the Veterans Crisis Line, which connects Veterans and their families and supporters to trained responders. These qualified, caring responders are experienced in helping Veterans of all ages and backgrounds. The Veterans Crisis Line is free, confidential support that is available to all Veterans, regardless of whether they are registered with VA or enrolled in VA health care. For more information go to: https://www.mirecc.va.gov/cih-visn2/Personnel/kearney.asp

Michael-BonnerOur last guest is Teacher of the Year and Author Michael Bonner he will discuss the importance of continuing STEM education throughout the pandemic and the “Science at Home” series.“ Science at Home” was launched to help the more than one billion students across the globe who had their education disrupted due to the pandemic, including 55 million students in the US. The series features real 3M scientists – and special guests – that prove how fun science experiments can be using common household items. Through the “Science at Home” series, kids can find a “way-in” to science that matches their own passions and interests. 3M has a long history and goal of supporting access to quality STEM education, especially in underserved communities, and recognizes that need now more than ever. As a result, 3M is building on its efforts to ensure teachers, parents, and caregivers have additional resources designed to connect kids to science in a way that is fun, accessible, and educationally beneficial by extending their series of “Science at Home” science experiment videos.  For more information on Michael Bonner go to: https://premierespeakers.com/michael-bonner/bio

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