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Gary CulpOur first guest is Gary Culp, Chief Growth Officer for Cigna Medicare Advantage, he will offer tips for seniors making an educated choice in Medicare plans before the Dec. 7th deadline. He will offer suggestions as to where to sign up, who to go to with questions, extras built into Medicare Advantage plans, how to weigh costs, the importance of having coverage from in-network doctors, and preventive health best practices. Gary has expertise in all aspects of healthcare, including strategic planning, leadership management, profit and loss, product development and management, marketing, and sales. He is a healthcare industry veteran with over 20 years of progressive executive leadership, profit and loss accountability, distribution and sales, and management experience driving results across multiple markets. For more information, please visit www.cigna.com/medicare.


Karl HallerOur second guest is Karl Haller, Partner, Consumer Center of Competency Leader at IBM Consulting. Today he will discuss this year’s holiday trends and how the changing demands of consumers have pushed retailers and travel providers to change their business strategies dramatically. The mix of rising prices and decreased inventory availability means that when consumers shop is just as important as where. Continuing the shift away from the traditional Black Friday start of the shopping season, about 58% of consumers plan to start holiday shopping before November. Almost two in three people plan to pre-order their products to get them on time with guaranteed prices, and 73% said they are considering sustainability when shopping for the holidays. Travel is also where consumers look to return to normal while mitigating any risk associated with potential price changes due to inflation and fluctuating gas prices. With even the best plans having disruption risks, the retail and travel industries are taking notice. Those embracing the uncertainty and leaning into technology like hybrid cloud and AI will win loyalty and sales this season. For more information, please visit www.ibm.com/ibv.

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